The cooking classes are held at an historic Neapolitan pizzeria with a wood-oven near Mergellina. Participants will make pizza Margherita by following all the steps – from making the dough to baking it in the wood oven – with the help of a master pizzaiolo.

naples pizza class


During the pizza class – with the help of a pizzaiolo master – prepares the pizza Margherita first by following all the steps from the dough to the baking in the oven. You will not only be shown how you prepare the Neapolitan pizza but we will try to reveal some secrets: what kind of flour is good to use, what kind of yeast, how long to rest the dough, how to lay it off, how to use tomato, when to pour the oil and so on. And we’ll tell you the story of this unique dish that tries to replicate everywhere but that remains unique in Naples.

Naples Pizza class is on:

  • Monday to Saturday at 12.00 or.18.30
  • Sunday at 18.30
  • Duration: 2 hours

All Naples Pizza class includes:

  • pizza prepared by each participant
  • A taste of fried pizza
  • Water +1 alcoholic drink per person
  • 1 limoncello or 1 dessert per person
  • recipe for the preparation of Neapolitan pizza
Fee is 40€ per person

All our activities are also suitable for a family audience of children aged 3 to 14 years.

Also learn the typical Neapolitan cuisine between pasta, typical sweets, party feasts, and more

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Pizza class Napoli
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For our naples pizza class we chose a historic Neapolitan pizzeria equipped with a wood oven in the immediate vicinity of Mergellina.
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