For our Naples cooking class we use more than one location: from the Old Town to Vomero. All are welcoming and easily accessible by public transport or within a few minutes by taxi.

Our cooking class are for a minimum of 2 people and always provide that you eat all together what you are prepared for. And we always reserve a small culinary surprise for our guests.

We privilege simple Neapolitan dishes and easily replicate for our guests once they return home. Similarly, in our cooking class naples we try to use ingredients that can be found abroad or that our guests – if they so wish – can buy in Naples and bring them to their country of origin. The idea is that what we do and explain to them during Naples cooking class can then share it with their friends once they come home to organize their own cooking classes or dinners “ made in Naples . “
Those who are interested in our cooking
class naples have the option to choose from several menus and dishes to prepare and taste together. We offer an interpreter service in English, French, Spanish and German to be perfectly comprehensible to all our guests.

We are not just about illustrating the preparation of a plate, but during our cooking classes we like to tell the story of each prepared dish together.

And at the end of the lesson, we always care to deliver a copy of the prepared recipes translated into the language of our guests.

Some examples of Naples Cooking Class:

  • Neapolitan fresh pasta: gnocchi alla sorrentina and ravioli capresi;
  • Parthenopeal street food: crocchè, fried pizzas and vegetables
  • Sunday lunch: gnocchi alla sorrentina, parmigiana with eggplant and “pastarelle” (sweet)
  • The Neapolitan Sweets: babà and struffoli or Caprese and Pastierine Cake

All Naples Cooking classes are held:

  • From Monday to Friday, at lunch
  • Saturday, subject to availability
  • From 2 hours to 4 hours, depending on the type of cooking class

All Naples Cooking Classes include:

  • Lunch (you eat what you are prepared)
  • A small welcome starter
  • Water, Wine, Bread and Coffee
  • Recipes;

All our activities are suitable for families with children from 3 to 14 years.

Also learn how to prepare Pizza Napoletana with a Neapolitan pizzaiolo master who will guide you to the perfect Neapolitan pizza