We are 2 young women who have decided to nurture their passions, to chase and grasp their dreams by means of competence, expertise and a pinch of genuine madness.

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Lucia Nicodemo

Founder and event manager


+39 348.75.02.756

a ten-year professional in the organization of events for communication and multinational agencies. Her name is synonymous of “fulfillment of every request”.


Francesca Di Gennaro

Founder and chef


+39 349.5935348

a passion for cooking nourished by courses at certified cooking schools and in-depth reading. In her house there is always a scent of “good old homecooked food”. Of genuineness.

And from here we start, from the kitchen of times past, revised with our own touch: focused on the respect of the raw materials and the seasonality of fruits and vegetables.

Our Activities are:

  • Children’s cooking activities with theme parties and workshops
  • Our “chef at home” and catering services
  • Activities for tourists who are to visiting Naples, with traditional cooking lessons and gastronomic tours to discover the excellence of our territory.

Our goal: to always see leave with the smile on your face.